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Allan Turnipseed.
Isabel Fuente.

Teresa A. Kendrick made Mexico her home in 1994. A former journalist and writer specializing in the arts, she has long been involved in Mexican art and culture. She is a former columnist with the Guadalajara Colony Reporter and is a frequent contributor to online magazines such as Mexico-Insights, Mexico Connect and newspapers including the Miami Herald, International Edition. She is one of the writers featured in the anthology, Agave Marias, available in September 2005.

Don Adams, author of Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide, is also a monthly columnist for Mexico Connect Internet Magazine where he shared Best Columnist honors for 2003. Readers also selected one of his humorous writings as Best Column and a research work as Best Series. He is a contributor to the Miami Herald, International Edition, and an avid reader and researcher.

Zofia Barisas grew up in Quebec. She studied Interior Design in Toronto and later worked in house renovation and landscaping. She has traveled and lived in many parts of the world. She now lives in Jocotepec where she writes and paints. Some of her short stories appear in the Lakeside Writers anthology, Agave Marias, which becomes available in Ajijic in September2005.

Tony Burton, author of the highly acclaimed Western Mexico-A Traveller’sTreasury (3rd edition, Perception Press, 2001, also in Spanish) is a writer, educator and naturalist who lived and worked eighteen years in Mexico, including ten years on the shores of Lake Chapala. Busy working on two new books, he resides currently in British Columbia and is a regular contributor to Mexico Connect website.

Dale Hoyt Palfrey, a full-time resident of Ajijic, Jalisco, since 1973, followed in the footsteps of grandparents who put down roots in the Lake Chapala area during the early 1950’s. She recently relinquished a post in international relations at the University of Guadalajara to devote her time to freelance work as a bilingual journalist and translator. An avid Mexicophile, he pet project at present entails active research for an upcoming book on the country’s many colorful fiestas.

Mary McDermott is an avid birder and writer who recently walked away from a popular column on birdwatching in the Ajijic-based Lake Chapala Review. She now divides her time between her home in Ajijic, and in Cuyutlán, Colima. She is a frequent traveler and very active in dog rescue.

John A. Miller is a former resident of Ajijic who retired here after a career as a trust and investment banker in Philadelphia. In addition to his professional activities, he was very active in a number of charities and educational organizations. Other interests include the study of genealogy, cooking, writing and music. He has since returned to Philadelphia where he has resumed his volunteer work.

Gerry Mugford Fowler is a language teacher who works for the Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad del Valle de Atemajac. He writes an ongoing column about the subject he finds most absorbing, language and its usage, for the Guadalajara colony Reporter. Gerry is happily married and has two wonderful children.

Anthropologist Carol Wheeler Esparza has spent more than 21 years in West Central Mexico, where she has authored and edited English-language publications since 1981. She is director of Perception Press of Saint Augustine, Florida, a publishing house specializing in works on Mexico.


Dale Hoyt Palfrey-See Writers.

Pablo Fernandez del Valle O. is from the town of Tlaquepaque just outside Guadalajara. Pablo is an industrial designer who has been working as a commercial photographer since 1992. His client list includes Cemex, Urrea Herramientas, Mexlub, IBM, and Hewlett Packard, among others. When not on commercial shoots, he loves to photograph landscapes. His work has been published in Geomundo and Concejo Nacionál de la Fauna.

John Frost is a former Californian who first came to Jocotepec in 1966 with his wife, author Joan Van Every Frost. A veteran of the darkroom since age 14, John earned a degree in Graphic Art following military service in the pacific during WWII, before settling into photography work in the mid-1950’s. Since 1979 he has extensively photographed Mexico’s mid-Pacific coast, the volcanoes of Colima and Lake Chapala from the air. His aerial work has been included in university exhibitions throughout Mexico.

Daniel Jackson is a lakeside jeweler who is an avid hiker and outdoorsman. He is married to Viridiana Rivera de Jackson, an Ajijic native. Their favorite time of year to hike is in the rainy season when the arroyos are full of water and the flowers are in bloom.

Laura Leming lived in Ajijic from 2002-2004. While in Ajijic, she was a web designer, creating websites for local businesses, authors and media relations firms in Guadalajara. She is currently working on updates for the Area Metropolitan Guide for the five Municipalities of Guadalajara and also works in the financial industry as a Training Technical writer. While she enjoys her life in Texas, Ajijic will always hold a special place in her heart.

Marianne Carlson is co-owner of Maestros del Arte Gallery in Ajijic, a gourd artist, and vendor of Mexican miniatures from her website www.mexicoetc.com. Her far-reaching connections in the world of Mexican artists allows her to attract important artists to the annual Maestro’s del Arte fair. In her spare time she does layout work for writers.
Allan Turnipseed

Having traveled Mexico extensively since 1970, Allan Turnipseed finally achieved his life-long dream of living here by moving to Lake Chapala in 2004. In his thirty-year career as a graphic designer in the U.S. from modest beginnings as a freelance production artist to an award-winning studio/agency, he designed numerous projects. He brought his design skills to catalogs and collateral
materials, to video and to book covers. His clients included prestigious and some not-so-well-known clients ranging from interior designers, to clothing designers and to those working in high tech. He now hopes to begin another career creating fine art pieces in the artistic environment of Lakeside.

Isabel Fuente is the owner of Mexico Cultural Journeys. As a bonded, licensed tour guide she plans and escorts guests from all over the world on tours that unlock the secrets of Mexico. She speaks English and French as fluently as her native language, Spanish. She is best remembered for her warm enthusiasm and the delight with which she shares the “pearls” of her country.

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